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The Ups and Downs of Committee Life

Ups and Downs
Ups and downs are inevitable in life.  No sooner do we enjoy basking in another successful concert than it is time to start arranging the next one.

Despite our extensive forward plans sometimes things go adrift and our Spring 2019 concert has been one such occasion.

We’ve been looking forward to singing the challenging, dynamic and exciting Brahms German Requiem since the programme was firmed up more than two years ago.  Typically the Committee likes to have concert programmes sketched out up to five years in advance.  As they say – a plan is a fine basis for change.

As soon as we know what we are going to sing we ask our Musical Director, John Hobbs, for his advice about soloists.  On this occasion we were very excited to have Catherine Hamilton, soprano and Nick Merryweather, bass, as our soloists.  On the up!

Soprano Soloist - Catherine Hamilto
Soprano Soloist – Catherine Hamilton

Nick Merryweather

However, what goes up can also come down and we received news from Nick that he had been made an offer to further his professional career that he simply could not turn down.  Up for Nick but down for the Committee.  Nick suggested an alternative singer and contact was attempted.  Down again as the gentleman concerned was unable to sing due to ill health.

Back to the drawing board – and it was now the start of the Spring Term with a concert to deliver at the end of it.  Time was short in terms of  booking soloists who are often booked up years ahead.  John Hobbs to the rescue – he made a suggestion, sent an email and happily back up we come again.

We are very pleased to say that Darren Jeffery has agreed to come and sing for us.  Darren is singing in Australia at the moment but we are certain he will be well over his jetlag by the time we perform the German Requiem and the Committee is back on the up again.

Bass soloist - Darren Jeffery
Bass soloist – Darren Jeffery


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