Welcome to South Devon Choir

South Devon Choir began singing choral music together in this lovely area in the 1870s and throughout the decades we have changed and developed to cope with the challenges we have encountered.

We are a large choir and every Thursday, until the Corona Virus outbreak, we gathered at St Pauls Church Hall, Torquay Road, Preston, Paignton to learn works ranging from Bizet’s Te Deum and Handel’s Messiah to Horawitz and Flanders’ Captain Noah and His Floating Zoo and Karl Jenkins The Armed Man.  In fact nearly all the historical oratorios, cantatas and choral works have been performed at concerts as well as 20th century compositions.

However, following the virus outbreak and lockdown in March 2020 we have taken to singing online via Microsoft Teams and we still meet each Thursday to practice.  Our lockdown repertoire has so far taken us from Tchaikovski’s Tebe Poem to O Waly Waly and You’ll Never Walk Along.

Online Choir Practice
Online Choir Practice

For our new 2020-21 Season though, we return to our favourite kind of choral singing and have just started to learn Rossini’s operatic, challenging and wonderful Petit Messe Solonnelle – described by our Chairperson as neither small nor solemn.

We are currently welcoming new members – we find ladies are particularly enthusiastic and you will be most welcome and we’d love some men to join us – basses, baritones and tenors are all equally welcome.  Do get in touch if you would like more information – New Members


And before Corona Virus – a proper concert

Choir left


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