Learn This Term’s Music

Petite Messe Solonnelle

The score has been sent to members by email.  If you have not received it please let us know.

Please start to prepare the pieces by looking at the Rehearsal Schedule for Petite Messe Solonnelle for the term.

Here’s the link to the Choralia practice parts for Petite Messe Solonnelle.

Please remember that Choralia operate their service free of charge and would appreciate donations to enable them to keep doing so.  If you use these practice parts please do consider making a donation.  You can donate here.

You can also listen to the work on YouTube – sorry about the advertising.

And although we won’t be singing the Rachmaninov that we learned in Spring 2020 we are going to keep it here for revision purposes – and also because it’s so lovely.

Bogoroditse Dyevo


and this is how it should sound

Slava Otsu

This is how it should sound

and this may help you learn the parts

One thought on “Learn This Term’s Music

    Sandra Worrall said:
    January 19, 2020 at 9:02 am

    Hevenly music here on earth , beautiful .


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