Learn This Term’s Music

Spring 2023 – Hadyn – Creation

Learning the notes (and in the right order) is always helpful when singing in a choir. We provide a link to a website called Choralia who provide a means to practice your part. The parts are played by a computer with a slightly strange voice but the benefit of the player is that it can be slowed down without altering the pitch so difficult runs and transitions can be played at a speed you can manage for learning.

Here is the link you need to access the practice parts – https://choralia.net/hy04mp3/hy04mp3en.htm

We have included a picture of the Choralia Player below (complete with requests for donations).

Choralia player
Choralia Player


Each part plays in Choralia Player – so to start playing press the right-pointing triangle on the top bar. The length of the piece is indicated.

To slow the piece down use the slider and drag it towards the tortoise on the bar (under the green bar).

The green bar enables you to listen to a section of the piece. Drag the sliders in to the section you want to hear. You can make it repeat continuously by pressing the green rectangle with arrows pointing right and left.

Choralia provide this service free of charge but please do consider making a voluntary donation to them for the use of their service.

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