General Information about Concert performances                             


·         There should be nobody on the stage or seating before the concert begins, except for disabled members.

·         The Choir should be aware that they are on show at all times. Waving at friends and family members in the audience isn’t very professional.

·         The Choir should come onto the stage in an orderly, quiet fashion and once on the stage should look calm, engaged and ready to sing, and be silent.

·         The front rows (stage and seats) should be aware that they are the ones in the most visible position. They are the ones the audience notice most.

·         Dress should be uniform. Jewellery should be discreet. Strong perfume and aftershave should be avoided.

·         Coats, large bags and water should be left in the changing area. If someone has a problem with their throat they should hide their water bottles discreetly under their chairs and try to drink at appropriate moments during breaks in the performance.

·         Phones should be turned off well before the performance ( and the reminder!).

·         All scores should be left on chairs in the interval.

·         Returning to seats after the interval should be done swiftly and in an orderly fashion as soon as the arranged signal has been given.

·         If the Conductor has asked the Choir to put scores aside and look at him or made any other instruction to us all we should do our very best to make a note of this in our scores and all of us carry this out.

·         Whilst standing Choir members don’t applaud.

·         Seated Choir may join in the applause.