Rutter doesnt melt

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Rutter doesn’t melt

Chorally Confused learns Rutter
Chorally Confused learns Rutter

This term Chorally Confused has been learning two pieces by John Rutter and has been promoted to the second sopranos.  We say promoted because she has been sent to the back row to help bolster what is often a somewhat neglected soprano area.  Sopranos love to sing high notes, the higher the better, and singing an under part is not necessarily what they aspire to.

As usual Chorally Confused has discovered the Rutter Requiem and Magnificat have their challenges and more so because she doesn’t read music.  On this occasion, since she is singing a harmonising part rather than picking out the melody, she has to follow a different line of music and ignore what the first sopranos are singing.  Added to this challenge is that the fact that John Rutter has written some harmonies that are tricky to pitch and yet sound sublime when you hear them.

During the first rehearsal break we noticed that she was sitting quietly and looking rather spaced out.  “Are you OK?” we enquired gently.

“Yes,” she replied, “It’s just that my brain is tired with trying to pick out the right notes and I am cross-eyed with trying to follow the music!”

“That’s quite normal,” we responded cheerily, “the more you do it the easier it becomes.”  Chorally Confused smiled weakly.  “Oh good.” she said.

We checked in with her again recently.  “How’s it going?” we asked.

“Well, I think it’s a case of Rutter doesn’t melt in the mouth when you are trying to learn it.” she smiled.

“You like it then?”

“Oh yes,” she replied ” but I think the audience definitely has the easy part.  All they have to do is let Rutter melt in their ears!”

If you would like to let Rutter melt in your ears why not join us at our spring concert Rejoice with Rutter at Central Church, Tor Hill Road, Torquay at 7.30pm on Saturday 8th April, 2017.  For all the information you need to buy tickets in advance please click here.  Tickets are also available on the door price £12.  Students 19 and under are free of charge.




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