Learn This Term’s Music

Autumn Concert  – Calm after Chaos

We have a lovely concert lined up for at the end of the Autumn Term on Saturday 1st December.  You can start learning the music now, before term even starts, by checking out the links below.  We have both a Children’s Choir and the Festival Orchestra performing with us and to ensure that we all do the concert justice let’s all practice as much as possible between rehearsals.

Haydn’s Nelson Mass

As usual practice parts are available from Choralia and you can access the page here

Please remember that Choralia operate their service free of charge and would appreciate donations to enable them to keep doing so.  If you use these practice parts please do consider making a donation.  You can donate here.

You can hear the Nelson Mass as well by playing the video below.


Williams Tsunami Requiem

We hope to have practice parts available soon but you can get the very best start by attending the Tsunami Requiem Workshop on Saturday 6 October when the composer himself will be accompanying the Choir as we learn the Requiem from scratch.  Book your place either on line or through Prim as soon as possible as the workshop is being advertised to choirs in the area and we would like as many choir members as possible to attend.  Be warned, there will be no rehearsal of this work prior to 6 October.


Lauridsen’s O Magnum Mysterium

The practice parts are here 

You can hear the piece in this video.

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