Guidance signpost
Guidance signpost

If you are attending South Devon Choir please note that we have Covid-19 mitigation measures in place and we ask all members and visitors to read through the following guidance and adhere to the measures.

South Devon Choir Guidance Notes for Rehearsals, September 2021

These notes should be read in conjunction with the Choir’s Rehearsal Risk Assessment.

When you arrive at rehearsal, you will be asked to initial the attendance list, to indicate that you have read this Guidance document and the Rehearsal Risk Assessment.


Central Church, Torquay, is felt to be a safer rehearsal venue than St Paul’s Church Hall for the time being, as it is larger and allows 1-metre social distancing. It will be used for rehearsals throughout September (9, 16, 23 and 30). Timing: Rehearsals will be shorter (7.45–9.15pm). Please do not arrive before 7.30pm. There will be no tea-break, so bring your own water or refreshments if you need them.


Two tables will be provided for signing in; the attendance lists will be in ALPHABETICAL order by surname (A to L, M to Z) – NOT by voice parts. You need to initial the list (not just tick) to indicate that:

· you have read the Choir’s Rehearsal Risk Assessment and this Guidance document, and agree to the precautions outlined in them (including social distancing, and mask-wearing unless seated).

· you have no condition or symptoms that may be covid.

· you are not currently self-isolating.


Scores will be issued as usual by voice part (soprano, alto, tenor/bass).


Visitors will be greeted at a separate table, to complete a Visitor form, sign in, receive a score, and be shown to a seat.

Spacing and Seating:

· Please go straight to your seat and remain there (unless using the toilets).

· Please minimise social interaction throughout the rehearsal, and at entry and exit.

· 1-metre social distancing should be observed throughout, including before and after rehearsal. The chairs will be socially distanced and should not be moved.

· There will be a gap of several metres between the conductor and the front row of the choir. · You are asked not to approach the conductor or the accompanist unless it’s absolutely essential.

· The fabric-covered chairs do not need wiping afterwards, but please use a wet-wipe on anything else you have touched (including chair frames).


You can leave your seat to use the toilet, but only one person at a time, please. Do not queue. Ensure you adequately wash or sanitise your hands afterwards.

After rehearsal:

For a safe, socially-distanced exit, you will be asked to leave row by row.

Your health/everyone’s health:

· Preferably everyone attending will be double-vaccinated; or if not, they should wear a mask for their own safety and the safety of all others present.

· We strongly urge everyone to wear face masks throughout, except when seated.

· We encourage everyone to take a Lateral Flow Test (LFT) before you arrive – these are available free from chemists and doctor’s surgeries.

· Please do NOT come to rehearsal if you have a positive LFT or PCR test, or if you feel at all unwell, whether it is due to covid or any other reason.

· If you have any symptoms of covid within 5 days after the rehearsal, it is essential that you contact the Choir immediately – call either Jill (07704 877 834) or Fenella (07807 011 710).

· If a member reports a positive test for covid after a rehearsal, we will immediately email everyone who was present, without identifying the person involved, to encourage others to take an LFT and to cancel the next rehearsal. Contact numbers are Jill (07704 877 834) or Fenella (07807 011 710). Other precautions:

· Singing should be at low or medium volume only.

· Please be safety-conscious if car-sharing to or from rehearsal.

· Hand sanitiser, wet wipes for cleaning, and waste bags for used masks and wipes will be provided.

· Please do NOT to try to return copies of ‘Choral Classics’ yet – we’ll let you know when.


Subs are due from the first rehearsal. Please pay online, or by cheque to Prim, as these are safer and simpler alternatives. See Sally’s summer letter (emailed on 28 August) for payment details.

It is worth putting up with these precautions for a while for the sake of being able to sing together again as a choir. Hopefully we’ll be able to relax these as time goes on.

Risk AssessmentSeptember 2021

 Responsible. PersonRisk DescriptionActions Required
1 Poor implementation of current national Covid 19 guidelines for indoor singing or future major changes to those guidelines.• SDC guidance document to be issued to all members attending rehearsals along with this risk assessment.         •Committee to review any major changes to national guidance and consider whether rehearsals are still possible and cancel if not.
2 Unable to track & trace when someone falls ill after rehearsal•keep attendance register                                                                               •upgrade attendance register to include individual acceptance of guidelines and lack of covid symtoms.                     •attendees required to contact Committee member if Covid symptoms appear within 5 days of attending a rehearsal.              
3 Inadequate ventilation leads to greater risk of transmission•ensure venue is large enough for expected attendance and well ventilated before arrival                                                                      •ensure doors and windows are open where possible during rehearsal                                                 
4 Build-up of virus on shared surfaces•venue equipment including chairs, tables, toilet facilities and door handles cleaned by venue prior to rehearsal                                              •unnecessary equipment removed by venue prior to rehearsal                                                                       •chairs to be wiped down by choir members using issued disinfectant wipes; piano, piano stool and music stand to be wiped down at the end of rehearsal.                                                          •wipes and waste bags to be provided by SDC.
5 Transmission when using toilet facilities•toilets used only by one person at a time                                                                             •no queuing: individuals to remain in seat except on  going to available toilet                                                                                 •Toilet users to wash hands and/or use sanitiser.                                                       
6 Transmission during entry and exit from venue•Covid warning and reminder signs to be place at entry and exit points.              •hand sanitizer to be made available.         •attendees should be requested to wear masks until seated.                            •Individuals allowed into venue while maintaining 1m social distance.                                                                                    •after checking in, individuals to move immediately to seat and stay there                                                             •Individuals should leave while maintaining 1m social distance.                                                                       
7 Transmission during rehearsal period•all seats will be placed minimum 1 metre apart and numbers attending to be restricted to ensure this can be maintained                                              •individuals to remain in seat throughout rehearsal                                                                                                                             •no refreshment break, but attendees can bring their own water etc.                                                                             •singing will be carried out only at low or medium volumes.                                                               •members to be asked to minimise social interaction throughout rehearsal   •rehearsal to be shortened to 1.5 hours.                                                                         
8 Transmission through discarded safety and other materials generated by rehearsals•all waste material to be bagged and sealed at end of rehearsal                    •members to take all own waste material away with them, including masks, gloves etc.                                                           •choir to provide bags for disposal
9 Infected individual attends rehearsal•choir members, MD and accompanist must not attend if suffering from Covid 19 symptoms, self isolating or tested positive within the last 10 days                                                                                                 •attendees will be registered and asked to confirm they meet these health requirements for attendance.                                                                              
10 Individual falls ill with possible Covid symptoms during rehearsal•arrangements made to send individual home immediately                                                    •individual asked to have Covid test if any of key symptoms are  present    •rehearsal ended immediately if Covid symptoms present                                                                                                                     •if Covid 19 is confirmed all rehearsal attendees to be informed                                  
11 Transmission from attendees not conforming to required behaviours•guidance letter to be issued to all members attending rehearsals in advance and agreement to conform to this will be part of  attendance register declaration                                •all attendees to be reminded on arrival of expected behaviours                                                  •polite reminders will be given immediately if anybody does not conform to the guidance issued.                                                         •if these reminders are repeatedly ignored that individual may be excluded from future rehearsals while these Covid precautions are in place
12 Conductor and accompanist at increased risk of infection due to facing singing individuals•ensure safer 2 – 3 metre distance between singers and conductor during venue set up. Request attendees sing at low or moderate voumes only during rehearsals.